Google isn’t just a search engine, it’s effectively a sales engine, so ensuring you have a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy for your events is critical to extend the reach and impact of your promotion and communication.

It’s crucial that people don’t have to wade through the never-ending swamp of information to find your event online. There’s no point in writing a press release and getting it online, or creating a fantastic new website, if it’s not in plain view of your audience.

Drawing on our SEO expertise, we can optimise your promotion and communication strategy to positively affect the search engine ranking of your communication material, delivering greater market reach and increased revenues.

We work with you to identify the key words that are most relevant to and searched for by your target audience, placing your news and website directly in the eye-line of potential customers. Including:

  • Press releases
  • Event programmes
  • Articles
  • Show dailies
  • Digital publications
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Social media

Central to this is your website, which plays a key role in promoting your event as it’s usually the first thing people will look at to determine if your event is of interest. That’s why we focus on driving the audience you want to your website by SEO’ing your content.

And the great thing is that it’s measurable. We can provide you with monthly reports to show you exactly how our SEO is achieving your goals.

SEO isn’t about gaming the system anymore; it’s about learning how to play by the rules.

Jordan Teicher

Journalist and Author

SEO’ing your content will make a real difference to your business.